Discounted Rates

See if you qualify for our sliding fee program

Uninsured or underinsured? You may qualify for discounted rates through UGL’s Sliding Fee Program, made possible by federal grants through the Bureau of Primary Health Care.

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How to Apply

Ask our front desk staff for a Sliding Fee Program application the first time you visit a UGL clinic or print and complete the application and bring to one of our clinic locations. Eligibility depends on your income. Please refer to the 2024 Sliding Fee Income Chart for additional information. All information will be kept confidential.

Please bring one or more of the following documents to prove your income:

  • Paycheck stub (from last 12 months) *
  • 1040 tax return (from last 12 months) **
  • Disability or Social Security letter (from last 12 months)
  • Unemployment statements (from last 6 months)

* If you’re paid weekly, bring 4 paycheck stubs. If you’re paid every two weeks or twice a month (1st/15th or 15th/30th), bring 2 paycheck stubs.

** If you receive monthly Social Security and/or disability payments, bring a proof of income letter or Benefit Verification letter stating the monthly amount you are paid.

Helpful Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Every patient must pay a portion of their care costs on the day of their visit, even those who do not have insurance and receive discounted rates through our Sliding Fee Program.

Some special services offered through UGL, such as dentures, eyeglasses, and birth control, have lower set fees for uninsured patients who qualify. Be sure to discuss the fees for those services before your appointment. Call us at (906) 483-1705 for details.

You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to apply for the Sliding Fee Program.

We can still help you! We’ll ask you a few questions to get an idea of your living situation. We require a letter of attestation.

You can qualify for discounted rates before meeting your spend down. However, only your discounted fees will go toward meeting your spend down.

You’ll only receive a statement if you do not pay your share of the bill on the day of your visit. It’s important to pay on time so your care is not interrupted. Unpaid charges may be referred to a collections agency for further action.

If you’re having trouble paying your bill, please let us know! We can work with you to arrange a payment plan and/or help you enroll in our our Sliding Fee Program.

If you have not yet applied for the program, call (906) 483-1130, Opt.2 to get started.

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Good Faith Estimates

You have the right to know how much your health care will cost!

  • By law, health care providers must give patients without certain types of health care coverage (or who aren’t using certain types of health care coverage) an estimate of their bill before health care items and services are provided.
  • If you schedule a health care item or service at least 3 business days in advance, your health care provider or facility will provide a Good Faith Estimate in writing within 1 business day after scheduling.
  • If you schedule a health care item or service at least 10 business days in advance, you should receive a Good Faith Estimate in writing within 3 business days after scheduling.
  • You can also ask for a Good Faith Estimate before you schedule an item or service. If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more for any provider or facility than your Good Faith Estimate from that provider or facility, you can dispute the bill.

For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, call 1-800-985-3059, visit, or email

Learn More

For more information about our Sliding Fee Program, Good Faith Estimates, or other questions, please give us a call at (906) 483-1130, Opt.2