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health care for all ages

From infants to the elderly, our talented Family Health providers give every person the personalized care they need. See Health Services just below.

Access is easy across the U.P.  We care for everyone regardless of their ability to pay.

health care for all ages

From infants to the elderly, our talented Family Health providers give every person the personalized care they need. See Health Services just below.

Access is easy across the U.P. We care for everyone
regardless of their ability to pay.

quality of care

Across 1,400 community health centers in America, Upper Great Lakes Health ranks in the top 15% based on quality of care.

Family Medicine Health Services

The care you need for flus, colds, respiratory infections, high temperatures and body aches and pains. Same day-next day appointments and walk-in service is available at all clinic locations.

For minor injuries, all UGL clinics can provide the basic care you need and save a trip to the emergency room.  Call ahead, we cannot treat deep cuts, aggressive burns and broken bone.

Upper Great Lakes is your connection to all of the health screening and diagnostic tests your health condition requires. From mammograms to bone density to MRIs and X-rays, all of our Family Medicine providers help you access and understand the screenings you might need faster and easier.

Great Lakes Family Health is here for you all the time — not just when you’re sick. With preventative care, including regular checkups, vaccinations, and cancer screenings, you can gain an understanding of your personal health and what steps you can take to maintain or improve it.

Get the help you need to manage stress, sadness, worry, grief, trauma, relationship problems, communication problems, substance use, and more. Our skilled counselors and addiction specialists are here for you.

We want the whole you to be healthier and happier – from head-to-toe. You might have a common cold, but seeing one of our team is always a way to get and ask for more care. Our providers can help you schedule counseling, help with drug and alcohol usage and help you get your teeth cared for! We are here for the whole you!

We want the whole you to be healthier and happier – from head to toe. You might be fighting the flu right now, but your care does not need to stop there. Our Family Health providers can also help you set up visits with our UGL dental team to help your smile be the very best it can be.

Upper Great Lakes family medicine providers help parents understand their child’s overall physical and emotional well -being. Common well-child exams include a physical but also cover diet, activity and how they are doing in school.

Every Upper Great Lakes clinic is stocked and ready to deliver flu shots and necessary immunizations, including those required for K-12 schools.  Shots for shingles are also available. 

Every UGL clinic can provide the testing you need to best understand your health condition. Blood draws and samples are pulled on-site and sent to labs for fast-turn analysis and reports back to your UGL Family Medicine provider.

We help our patients manage and control their diabetes. From regular AIC bloodwork-checks, to diet and exercise programs, our providers help people fighting diabetes live healthier and happier with their condition. Various medication treatment programs are available with regular visits.

The Upper Great Lakes skilled Family Medicine team specializes in treating the needs of older adults. The care is holistic, with medical, social, emotional and other needs addressed with every patient. Access to area specialists, if needed, is smooth and seamless.

We can help you develop an arthritis treatment plan that includes pain management and the prevention of joint and organ damage. From medications, to physical therapy, to surgery, we’ll help you navigate all your options.

Upper Great Lakes Family Health is proud to offer a board-certified Internal Medicine doctor who specializes in diagnosing and solving health problems. The practice helps patients manage more severe long-term illnesses and multiple, complex chronic conditions.

Upper Great Lakes providers and staff are available to provide medical care to people living with serious illnesses including cancer or heart failure.

Our Family Medicine team takes a patient-focused approach to your health care. We use the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model to provide high-quality family medical care, including access to personal behavioral counseling, dental services and specialized medical care. Upper Great Lakes serves all your health care needs – from head to toe. 

Zainab Almahrous

Zainab Almahrous, MD

Internal Medicine
Houghton Family Health Center
(906) 483-1860

  • Doctor of Medicine Degree
  • Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology – Wuhan, China
  • Master of Geriatric – Internal Medicine
  • Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University Program – East Lansing, MI

Professional & Personal Background:

Zainab Almahrous (al-mah-roūs), MD, has joined the teams of family medicine providers at Upper Great Lakes Houghton Family Health Center – (UGL).

Dr. Almahrous was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She is married and has two daughters; both are attending high school. Throughout Dr. Almahrous’s journey to pursue her medical degree, her family continually gave her support, love, and courage. She is also grateful for the tremendous help and support her husband (Salman) has provided throughout her schooling.

While working at UGL, Dr. Almahrous looks forward to serving patients with complex diseases, especially our geriatric patient population. Dr. Almahrous is board-certified in Internal Medicine and completed a fellowship in geriatrics.

When deciding to come to the Upper Peninsula, Dr. Almahrous was initially attracted to the area’s natural beauty, the presence of an excellent school system, and the universities. She loves traveling, learning about culture, cooking, and trying new foods.

“It is a pleasure and honor to relieve the suffering of my patients,” Dr. Almahrous